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As a user of the EMWAC IMS mail server, I have written a couple of little pieces of software that improve the usability of the IMS server software.

You should definitely check out Paul Sica's web page, which is kind of the central connection point for the IMS support community. You can find it at: http://www1.sica.com/IMS/.

The first utility I have written is called SpamEye, which is designed to aid users of both IMS and SCSMFilter (see the link above) quickly sift through their trash bin and delete mail that's not wanted, and forward mail which is. You can find SpamEye here: SpamEye subfolder. Make sure you browse the short readme on installation instructions.

The second utility is SMTPRCV, which is a service designed to replace the aging SMTPRS which lacks some fundamental MTA features. SMTPRCV adds the functionality of antirelay at the SMTP interface, implements reverse DNS lookup on the incoming IP to replace the "unverified" section in the Received: header line with a correct rDNS lookup (provided a reverse entry exists), and allows refusal of e-mail from blacklist-type DNS list mail servers (see http://www.orbs.org and MAPS RBL realtime blacklist) at the SMTP interface level. Note that this service is based on an open source code codebase, and like SpamEye, is distributed as freeware with no warranties whatsoever, so use at your own risk. Find SMTPRCV here in the SMTPRCV subfolder. The source code for this project is also here, although sometimes it's not 100% current. If you need the latest version or have questions regarding this source code, feel free to contact me (competent software developers only please).

UPDATE:I am no longer supporting this project. I have released all source code and the latest revision at this point. There are two versions which are present in the subfolder, v0.45, which has been running in the field for over 2 years by several dozen people that I know of (and countless many more I'm sure) and is sufficient for almost everyone. Then there's v0.48, which I ran internally for over a year, and includes a couple bug fixes that don't matter to 99% of the people using it and a new feature that traps small amounts of spam. If you are downloading SMTPRCV for the first time, I suggest you download SMTPRCV.ZIP, which is version 0.45. If you have problems that cannot be explained (such as the delivery agent crashing once in a while since installing SMTPRCV, go ahead and download v0.48 and try it. Please read the config.txt file for a short description of the new feature.

Lastly, I am no longer actively supporting this project. What you see is what you get. I have released the source to both versions, and you are free to download and modify if you so choose. I checked the Nevrona website, and v7.037B which the server is based on is still available (Feb 5, 2003). If you need support for SMTPRCV, I highly recommend you seek out the IMS user list, as a large number of people there run SMTPRCV, and have lots of experience with bringing it up and maintaining it. You can find the list at imsusers-request@rockliffe.com. You may try to e-mail me, but since this account is for the company I used to work for, I cannot guarantee it will stay active, and my new job has me very busy, so it may sometimes take me a couple days to get back to you.

Happy spam-killing!

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