keukenhof One of the first places we visited was the world famous Keukenhof. We were pleasantly surprised that despite being a little on the late side of the season for flowers, that there was still plenty of beauty to take in.
gouda The next day we went to my hometown of Reeuwijk, and also stopped at the farmers market in Gouda, and at the end of the day we went back to Katwijk, where we stayed with my aunt and uncle.
zaanse schans We went to the Zaanse Schans with one of my cousins, and their kids. The Zaanse Schans is kind of a throwback museum that illustrates how life might have been at the beginning of industrialization, with windmills that served as sawmills, and authentic wooden shoe carvers.
rotterdam We visited the city with one of the largest seaports in the world, that of course is Rotterdam. I was born a mere stones' throw away in Vlaardingen.
den haag My godmother was nice enough to take us to the dutch capital Den Haag, the city of Delft, famous for it's blue china, and the beach in Scheveningen, after which we went to dinner at an Indonesian restaurant, where the food was amazing.
eindhoven We visited my other aunt and uncle, as well as some of my cousins, in Eindhoven the next day. The pictures you see are from a park that's behind my uncle's house where I remember playing as a kid when we'd go to visit.
friesland We spent a few days in the Dutch sailing recreation area, the province of Friesland. We spent a day biking, and on another day we rented a sailboat and spent the day on the water. What a wonderful area, so many childhood memories from when we spent many summers here.
volendam We met up with another one of my cousins, who happened to be putting their sailboat back in the water in Volendam. We even got to cruise with it for a few hours before we headed out for dinner once again (we ate pretty well while we were there!)

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