Grand Cayman 2018 We have decided that the Caribbean is a great place to spend a week to take a break during the cold winter months in Minnesota. With so many destinations, and with our SCUBA certification last year, we're trying to hop around and visit different places. This year, we are spending a little over a week in Grand Cayman with our friend Jim and Trina. Diving, relaxing, and great food is on the agenda.
Saint Lucia 2017 A real vacation! We try to go somewhere warm every couple of years during spring break, but last year we were busy with out big move, so we wanted to make sure we got away this year. Saint Lucia is the travel destination, picked because the island, unlike many carribean islands has lots of vegetation, and we wanted to get some hiking in the year. We also finally put in the work beforehand to get PADI SCUBA certfied this year! Check out the pics of our first open water dives, and plenty of other beautiful spots on the island!
Elbow Lake 2015 For our 15th Anniversary we spend a long weekend up north at a quiet getaway on Elbow Lake. Check out the pics from the Soudan mine tour we did Saturday, some hiking pics from after the Vikings game (we did find a bar with the game on, we're not savages) and a gorgeous lake cruise Monday. Oh, and some pretty sweet Milky Way shots over the lake Saturday. The weather was outstanding, and it was a great time relaxing in the wilderness.
Key West 2015 Spring Break 2015! While the weather in Minnesota this winter has been relatively mild (not even 30 inches of snow this winter, an unusually low number, usually we're at 60 by now) and the real cold has been contained to a couple weeks at the end of January and beginning of February, when Jim and Trina approached us with a week on the beach in Key West, Florida, the answer was "of course!" We enjoyed great weather, great food, and the company of great friends as we sampled local cuisine, and spent some time on the water doing some snorkling, kayaking, and cruising.
North Shore 2014 For our 14th anniversary, we decided to head back to one of our favorite spots in Minnesota, The North Shore. We stopped and visited our good friend Loren on the way up, enjoyed three days full of hiking and breathtaking sights, all within a few hours' drive of home.
Lake of the Ozarks 2013 Summer is here, and we went on a real summer vacation to Lake of the Ozarks. A ton of sun, hanging out with three other couples, lots of floating, good food, great times.
Memorial Weekend 2013 A cold spring continued into Memorial Day 2013. but we went down Thursday to enjoy the one nice day forecast. Turned out Memorial day afternoon was really nice too!
Las Vegas 2013 Vegas Baby, Vegas! For our spring break we decided to head to Las Vegas this year. Greta hadn't been since she was little so we decided to go check out the sights. We stayed at the MGM, and hit all the hot spots, including old Vegas downtown!
Memorial Weekend 2012 Back in Saylorville for Memorial Day. What a great tradition! Thanks again for the hospitality Jim and Trina!
Aruba We're going to the Caribean for the first time in Aruba this year to get away from the mild winter we've been having in Minnesota. Check this space for pictures as we snorkel and explore this tropical desert island!
Memorial Weekend 2011 A little cooler on Saylorville this year for Memorial Day. We spent a couple days in Des moines doing other things like visiting the museum.
Hawaii We went back to Hawaii in 2011! Check out Greta's daily blogs and pictures from Oahu and Kauai as we spent ten days in paradise!
10th Anniversary For our 10th anniversary, we headed up the North Shore to Tofte, Minnesota. Three days of relaxing, reading, hiking with Brock, a beautiful lake, hot tub, sunrises and sunsets, and stars.
July 4th, 2010 We had a few people out on Saturday the 3rd for Independence Day. My brother's family, and a coworker and his wife all came out to play at the lake, and let the puppies play with Brock.
Memorial Weekend 2010 Saylorville was a good host again this year for Memorial Day. Best weather we've ever had out there, with five straight days of 80's and no rain.
Las Vegas 2009 My buddy Loren and I decided it was time for a boys' weekend in Las Vegas. Stayed at the Luxor, visited the Hoover dam, and most important, got away from the cold weather in Minnesota for a few days.
memorial 2007 It's almost like Saylorville is a tradition for Memorial Day. We had some great weather again and it was a very relaxing few days away from work.
colorado Our 6th anniversary was spent in Colorado, where Greta's brother Grant was getting married. We got there a day early, and spent Friday in Rocky Mountain National Park.
memorial 2006 Back in Des Moines again for Memorial Day 2006. Jim and Trina's boy Calvin is almost a year old, and it was a little too soon to teach him wakeboarding. Maybe next year!
lutsen 2005 was a good year for going on vacation I guess. We spent our 5th anniversary in Lutsen, the same place where we spent a week for our honeymoon. This time around we brought our dog Brock, who loved the outdoors as much as we enjoyed it. We spent an entire week relaxing, reading, hiking, and dining, and since our anniversary falls between peak fall colors and ski season, it was nice and quiet there.
memorial 2005 It has become a tradition that we spend Memorial day with our good friends Jim and Trina in Des Moines. We are both boating fanatics, and this year we spent skiing and wakeboarding.
maui In the spring of 2005 we went to Maui, Hawaii. This is the first time either one of us had ever been to Hawaii, and it is a special place! Neither of us wanted to leave, and I'm sure we'll go back someday.
quetico In 2003 we went canoeing again, this time in the Quetico National Park, the canadian version of the BWCA. Like the BWCA, almost the entire park is off limits to motorized boat traffic. We did take a shuttle from our entry point into the park with our gear so we wouldn't have to paddle the huge first lake we would have to cross with lots of boat traffic.
bwca In 2002 I went canoeing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, a million acre lakes chain near the canadian border. Almost the entire park is off limits to motorized boat traffic, which makes it one of the most peaceful places I've ever been.
nederland After our wedding, I wanted to introduce Greta to my extended family, most of whom still live in the Netherlands, and show her around the Dutch countryside and some of the cities.
lodge The week after we were married in October of 2000 we spent on Minnesota's North Shore, hiking and just relaxing. We rented a lodge with a cozy fireplace and a hot tub!
san diego zoo A work trip in the spring of 2000 brought me to San Diego and a brief stop in Tijuana. Cross border excursions into Mexico are always interesting...

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