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While this page is about sport shooting, we must ALL remember why our Second Amendment matters! If you are a firearms enthusiast, you need to be a member of the NRA which stands up and fights for our rights everyday, in a society where firearms in most people's minds have been reduced to a taboo subject.
Because of this, I struggled with the decision of posting a web page about my hobby as a firearms enthusiast for months before deciding that this is a subject that's important to me, and maybe it will open the eyes for some of my visitors to this webpage. Of all the groups of people with whom I associate, the persons I have met in this sport are some of the friendliest, well rounded people I know. It is unfortunate that through the media we've been reduced to "gun-totin' redneck hillbillies". If you have a curiousity about the shooting sports, please seek out a local club and find out for yourself. Whether you're interested in trap and sheet shooting (shotgun), pistol shooting, either action pistol or bullseye, or rifle shooting, there are clubs all over the United States that are always looking to bring in new people. They will welcome you with open arms. You can go watch, or bring your own firearm and participate, and you'll discover that the shooting sports can be a safe, fun, and friendly sport.
IDPA My favorite competitive shooting is IDPA, or International Defensive Pistol Asssociation, which is an action pistol shooting sport based on realistic defensive scenarios. The two clubs I shoot with are the Twin Cities IDPA Club and the Minnetonka Game & Fish IDPA Club. The Twin Cities IDPA Club shoots year round, usually once per month. We are currently shooting indoors at Bills Gun Range. During the summer we shoot outdoors. The Minnetonka Game & Fish Club shoots at it's own range in St. Francis, Minnesota, during the summer months only from April to November.

Here are some videos from the September 17th, 2006, match: Stage Three SSP, Back Up Gun (BUG) video 1, BUG 2, BUG 3, BUG 4, and BUG 5.
Long Range Shooting I am currently building a rifle for long range shooting. The Minnetonka Game & Fish Club is also home to the Minneapolis Rifle Club. They shoot many rifle disciplines including F Class rifle shooting, which is what I plan to shoot. The rifle I'm building consists of a Remington 700 5R Stainless bolt action in .308, a Leupold Mark 4 LRT 4.5-14x50mm scope, Badger Ordnance scope base and rings, a Harris 6-9" Bipod, and a tactical bolt knob installed by KMW Long Range. I lapped the scope rings to ensure a nice solid contact with the scope and prevent tube distorsion. You can see that even Badger rings benefit from lapping.
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